The Fazaia Housing Scheme Aviation City Kamra is committed to providing affordable housing and amenity-rich, sustainable neighborhoods for its residents, answering the variety of housing needs of its growing population. The goals are as follows:

Goals & Objectives

  •   Provide modern living standards to the residents.

  •   Offer eco friendly & sustainable infrastructure solutions.

  •   Facilitate People with essential civic facilities i.e. Health, Education & Entertainment.

  •   Build our socio cultural fiber by reconnecting communities.

  •   Providing State of the art luxury residences & apartments.

  •   Security measures providing with up to date market availability of safety & security.

  •   Generate environment friendly developments.

  •   Encourage educational pursuits by scheming modern centers of education.

  •   Build our socio cultural fiber by reconnecting communities.


  •   Client Satisfaction and serving customers first.

  •   Delivery in record timelines.

  •   Providing international facilities at doorstep.


  •   Optimally progressive equitable and dynamic services.


  •   Excellence

  •   Honesty

  •   Innovation

  •   Trust

  •   Mutual profitability

  •   Integrity

  •   Care

  •   Commitment

  •   Passion

  •   Giving back to community through focused initiative